It’s time

You’re ready. Your voice is clear and mind sharp. All that’s left is authentic design to accompany your masterpiece.

Don’t be hold back generic ‘run of the mile’ cover art that leaves you and your potential unfulfilled. You haven’t just spent hours, months or even years of your life to just be left on the shelf.

No words forged by you is destined to be forgotten.

But don’t fret

I’m here to help.
I’ll provide you with unique, illustrative cover art that reflects your personality, your essence, your voice.

 Because I want your voice to be heard, to take life by the balls and change the world. I want you and your story to connect with your tribe. So together, let us announce to the world you have arrived. Que rock solo.



The journey


After some polite stalking, you download my price guide and read it with a cuppa. If you start to buzz with excitement then you know you’ve found your perfect creative match and you get in touch with me to book a FREE 15 minute introductory meet and greet.


After a celebratory fist bump, you’ll receive confirmation along with my Welcome Kit, which includes my invoices (payable in advance under $1000), creative agreement and brief questionnaire. Once I have these completed forms, I’ll email over your Design Proposal which includes your project timeline and deposit invoice.


Once you have paid your deposit we will get to work on your concepts. I’ll digest your answers from the brief questionnaire and come understand your vibe, tone and direction of your project. I’ll then provide you with a range of concepts by the specified date listed in your initial Design Proposal.


It is now time for you to provide feedback on your project’s concepts and we’ll confer until you have granted final approval. Once you’re happy, everything is approved and  final payment is made. I’ll then send over your finalised files in the various formats.


You’re in the right place if 

You’re passionate, organised and raring to go with a fully fledged story. All you need is to just wrap it in meaningful, authentic design.

You’re a bold professional who wants to stand out and isn’t looking for a quick solution.

You value individuality and the indepth process that it will take to create your cover art.

You’re heart centered who already knows your likes, dislikes, values and beliefs.

You’re respectful of the Arts and all the multiple industries within it.

We probs wont click if

If you have big dreams but small budgets.

If you’re looking for the quick, easy solutions and you don’t value your individuality.

If you’re unwilling to be authentic and want to just follow trends.

If you’re uncomfortable with honest feedback.

If you micro manage like a boss. Creativity is very much intuitive and you need to trust your designer to give them space so they can cast their magic.


Let’s do this

Ready to go on an adventure and discover the authentic you? Sign up to my free How To Find Your Authentic Voice and see where the possibilities take you.