Custom illustration & cover design for David Attenborough’s biography Naturalist to Activist.

Inspired by the work and dedication of Sir David Attenborough, a charming portrait of Sir David is the focal point of the cover as he is surrounded by various wildlife that represents both that natural world and his life’s work. The animals are drawn as if they’re interacting with with him as they compliment the cover’s space and provide the cover with an intimate impression.

Contrasting with the front cover, the reverse side of the jacket design is illustrated with marine life that represents the entire animal kingdom when looking at the book jacket’s design in its entirety.

This project is a creative concept to illustrate my creative skills.


“I HIGHLY recommend Alanna! She does such amazing work and is so talented at getting your vision across. She’s kind, detailed, organized, and wildly professional. Thank you so much, Alanna!” – Danielle Bezalel, host of Sex Ed with DB podcast.