Custom illustration & cover design of J.R.R Tolkien’s epic trilogy Lord of the Rings. 

Drawing inspiration from Peter Jackson’s film trilogy, the background cover design reflects the aesthetics of Mordor with the use of dark gradients and earthy textures.

To contrast with the Mordor background, the gold typography symbolises the one ring theme as well as providing a sense of sophistication to the book design throughout the trilogy.

Each cover depicts a main character’s silhouette pertaining to each book – Frodo’s for the Fellowship, Gandalf’s for the Two Towers and Aragorn for the Return of the King etc. This provides a sense of  characterisation and individualisation, which within major story elements are then illustrated in such a way to create dynamic and detailed scenes befitting of the fantasy genre.

The audibook covers show the essential focus of the story – being the battle for finding, controlling or destorying the ring. Scalability was another deciding factor in not using any other illustrative elements as no other motif didn’t hold the same impact nor consitency with the yellow typography and dark background.

This project is a creative concept to illustrate my creative skills.


LOTR Book Cover Mock Up.psd

“I was thrilled with Alanna’s work. She made the process so easy for me, as someone who’s never done this before! She was professional, courteous and included me in every step making sure I was happy with what she was doing. I’d recommend her, she is incredibly talented and wonderful to work with!” – Larissa Gray.