Custom illustration & cover design for Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein.

This book design of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is an artistic and sophisticated representation of the Creature’s rebirth.

Inspired by vintage anatomical drawings, I illustrated Frankenstein’s Creature in a medieval etching style to symbolise the novel’s time period of 18th century Europe. The front cover’s focal point was the depiction of the Creature in a lonely, painful pose to illustrate both it’s agonising rebirth and imply it’s tormented existence thereafter. The colour scheme is contemporary, high contrast from the textured black background that blankets the book jacket in a clean, sophisticated aesthetic.

The Creature’s line art is the colour of a yellow ‘clay’, a homage to the Prometheus subtitle of Shelley’s original editions. A bright orange is used for the stitching and body reconstruction which harmonises with the Penguin Publishing’s branding. Finally, a mute blue is subtly drawn to symbolise electricity and the theory of galvanism which Frankenstein practiced to reanimate his creature.

This project is a creative concept to illustrate my creative skills.


“I HIGHLY recommend Alanna! She does such amazing work and is so talented at getting your vision across. She’s kind, detailed, organized, and wildly professional. Thank you so much, Alanna!” – Danielle Bezalel – host of ‘Sex Ed with DB’ podcast.