The Brand

Hey there chickadee!
I began Imperium Illustrations in 2016 when I desired to take control of my career & became my own boss lady. Imperium is a Latin term & translates to "power to command" & it has become symbolic of the empowerment & independence I've felt since becoming my own boss.

The essence of Imperium Illustrations is built upon my enjoyment of the technical skills I put to use when I create work in the Adobe Creative Suite as well as the joy I experience when my creativity is unleashed upon a blank canvas.

The Creative

I'm is a self taught illustrator & qualified graphic designer with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design. I practice as both a graphic designer & illustrator to this day & my little studio is located at my home in Melbourne & it is here that I spend my day creating art, drinking tea, listening to music, audio books & podcasts.

The Imperium Service

I pride myself on both effective imagery & excellent customer service as I create premium visual content for both commercial & non-commercial briefs. From my experience working for a signage company, the utilisation of illustration in advertising has become a source of inspiration, whether it be a product illustration, surface design or visual merchandise, it all enchants my imagination & inspires my creative mind.
Whilst I enjoys producing a variety of content such as surface design, visual merchandise, advertising and promotional material (for both digital and printed media), I am interested in many themes such as nature, pop culture, portraiture & history & I am garnering a wealth of experience from a variety of industries & clients. 
If you have a commercial job that you'd love to us collaborate together, please contact me directly here.