Congratulations on starting your very own podcast!


As a podcast fan I get so nerdy when learning there’s another podcast coming soon for me to dive into.

Podcasting has become a break through industry for where we can connect, educate and inform each other. Through personal experience I know that not only do podcasts keep me in the loop with world events, they’ve also become another powerful form of story telling which has boomed over that last previous years.


 So the inner geek in me is uber excited that you’re got the wheels in motion to soon birth your audio baby. But I’ll bet you’ve done some research and like me you’re aware that there’s a tonne of podcast available.
Like a shit toone.

So the race is on for you to make sure your podcast is unique, engaging and will stand out… And you start that with your podcast title.

Ah, but how?

Well let’s begin.
What to name your podcast:



Step 1 – Check the competition
Before you invest a huge amount of brain power and energy, research your competition to check for name availability and ensuring that your podcast’s name is unique.

Step 2 – Brain dump
Write down a brief description on what your podcast will be about, what topics you’ll be discussing through out and what your goals are for the podcast. Now write a list of descriptive words pretaining to the topic and themes of your podcast and cross check it with the names of your competition.

Step 3 – Marinate
From experience I know that taking a break from a task is great way for my brain to reset. By taking some time away, either a couple of hours or sometimes days but at least to the point were your podcast hasn’t crossed your mind. Then return to your list and you will see it in a new perspective and you can begin connecting new ideas as well as refining your options.

Step 4 – Testing
Once you’re sold on a name and in a supportive environment you can decide to test your podcast’s name. This can either be in a facebook community were you generate a poll and or ask a person during a conversation “I’m starting a podcast called _______, what do you think it’s about? Would you listen to it?”. Real time feedback can be a great opportunity to collect crucial information with people of different mindsets.

But finally, here’s to you for taking the time, having the courage and dedication in starting your own podcast.



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