Why does custom cover art cost so much?
Effective visual design is an investment in your brand. I dedicate my time and skill to provide my clients with custom, original illustrative cover art that will give your product a point of difference in the market. Cover art that reflects your personality becomes authentic, helping your product plough through the noise and connect with your ideal tribe.

What if what I am after is not on your price list?
Don’t stress. My imagination is vast and I am only an email away. Kindly shoot through an email to: alanna@imperiumillustrations.com.au and I will respond within the next 2 business days. 

What sort of payment plans do you offer?
A deposit of 50% is required at the beginning of your project. You will receive a request to pay your deposit upon signing of a contract. Payments are made either by a direct bank transfer or PayPal. *Please note there is a 5% PayPal usage fee.

What is your design process?
After our initial hellos, I will send through a questionnaire and discuss your story, desires & goals to establish your core objectives. This will assist me in creating effective cover art. Afterwards I will begin a collage of visual information for me to determine the project’s mood, tone and direction. I will then move forward with developing ideas and roughs to present to you for feedback. You will then decide on the best concept that resonates with your objective, desires and the project’s mood. After falling in love and bestowing your approval on the final concept, it’s time to wrap up and prepare all the files to be delivered. Once the final invoice has been paid, the finalised files are handed over for completion.

How long will the design process take?
Each job is unique. If you have a specified deadline please let me know at the beginning of the process and I will let you know if it is achievable. When we begin working together I will send you a design proposal of your project’s time line so that you know when you can expect hear from me and when I expect to hear from you.

Ok, I’m ready! What do I do next?
It’s fist bump time. 
Crack open your favourite drink, crank up the music and celebrate. While that’s happening though, send me an email so we can lock in your project and get the ball rolling: alanna@imperiumillustrations.com.au. You’ll also receive a brief run down on how everything will work so you can feel ready to take on the world.