You Are

A passionate storyteller who has crafted something grand. Bursting with so much potential and buzzing with such anticipation to share it with the world.

You have dedicated your time pouring hours upon hours into crafting something that is uniquely you. That only you could of made but now you’re wondering what the hell to do next. You dying to succeed but you’re unsure on what step to take next.

Well I can help… it’s your voice, your vibe that I’m looking to capture and amplify upon meaningful cover art.


I am

A story enthusiast who devours tales like a fat kid with cake. I’m an artist, dreamer and guzzler of knowledge. Basically a happy nerd.

My life is surrounded by other people’s stories and adventures. From the collection of novels on my many bookcases through to the library of podcasts and music on my phone. They all enrich my life and continue to excite me by demonstrating that life still beholds unlimited possibilities.

Talented storytellers come to me to help them wrap their beloved creations with meaningful and authentic design – it’s a very personal journey that I become a part of and I am honoured to be able contribute to the spread of more magnificent tales.

I am an illustrator, designer, a ‘QI’ and ‘Conversations’ addict. I grew up listening to the legends like Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen and sang along to all the Disney classics. Creativity is also in my blood, I am an ancestor of John Fletcher – playwright and collaborator to Shakespeare’s ‘Henry VIII’. I am also an ISFJ and Hufflepuff who journeys on adventures to my local museums and galleries. I can eat schnitzel till I roll, Forrest Gump is my favourite movie and my life‘s moto is: Have courage and being kind.




About Alanna

•  Needs copious amounts of tea to human.

•  Married highschool sweetheart.

•  Values kindness & honesty.

•  Hoards Karin Slaughter & James Herbert books.

•  Collects Sailor Moon, Barbie & Garfield memorabilia.

•  Believer of the K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy.

•  Believes you’re never to old for Disney.

•  Wants to visit New Zealand’s Hobbiton one day.

•  Listens repeatedly to Johnny Cash & John Butler Trio.

•  Admires Alphonse Mucha & Leonardo da Vinci.


My story

I’m Alanna, 
the lady behind Imperium Illustrations.

Imperium Illustrations is artisan brand I began in 2016 when I took control of my career, quit my full time job and became my own boss.

Imperium is Latin for the power to command and it’s become symbolic of both the empowerment and independence that I have achieved since becoming self employed.

I’m a self taught illustrator and qualified graphic designer. I practice as both a graphic designer and illustrator to this day in my little studio, located at my home in Melbourne, Australia. It’s there that I spend my day creating, drinking tea, listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts.


We’ll go together like tea & biscuits

If you’re a passionate creator who has big dreams for what you’ve crafted.

Who isn’t looking for the quick and generic fixes but rather is seeking custom and meaningful design to reflect the authentic you which will plough through the noise and connect with your ideal tribe.


Lets do this

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