Hey there, pathfinder

I know you have a voice and you’re ready to change the
world so i’m here to help you, with custom cover art that will express that authentic you.

We know we try to tell our kids don’t go judging a book by its cover, but secretly we know we still do… So I want your voice to shine – just like a diamond and for it to leave its mark on the world. Don’t be held back by generic, ‘run of the mile’ cover art that has left you and your potential unfulfilled, stagnate, unheard of.

From book covers to album and podcast art. I’ll be there beside you to draw upon your story’s soul and craft custom, memorable illustrative cover art that compliment your product’s packaging and makes it pop.

Welcome, lm Alanna

An illustrator, graphic designer and story lover.
I’ve been devouring stories like Garfield devours lasagna since I was a child. Gobbling up Disney, sketching Sailor Moon or scoffing whatever songs my parents were listening to on the radio. I’ve always had a passion for storytelling, especially stories that connect, resonate, and make you feel.

My clients are passionate, talented souls who have a gift they’re dying to give the world; and I’m lucky enough to help them wrap it in meaningful, authentic design.

So, come on, day dreamers. I’m ready to hear your story next.

Nothing Lights

     my fire more. . .

Then seeing talented people like
yourself take the leap and share your
voice with the world so that we can
see, hear and feel it.







        I can make

 magic with. . .

Our talented storytellers.
The authors, musicians, narrators and dreamers. Who have spent their time pouring their heart
and soul into something grand and they’re now
ready to release it into the world.

“I was thrilled with Alanna’s work. She made the process so easy for me, as someone who’s never done this before! She was professional, courteous and included me in every step making sure I was happy with what she was doing. I’d recommend her, she is incredibly talented and wonderful to work with!” – Larissa Gray